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selecting Coaches, Instructors and Equipment. 

4th of July

To Celebrate this 4th of July, what could be more Patriotic than a reenactment of shootin’ Redcoats?! Nothing! That's why you need to reserve your spot right now to get into the fight!

Easter Egg Hunt

You will start with 2 UTM rounds. You have 10 minutes to make your way through our shoothouse collecting eggs. Some contain ammo, others will be empty. Be careful as the Easter Bunny is also on his own hunt... 

Concealed Carry II

Concealed Carry II - Developing Speed From Concealment.  This is where we focus on pure speed from concealment. 

Carbine III

Carbine III- Dynamic Movement

Stress Shoot

Weekly Course of Fire - Every Monday to Friday night from 6pm to 10pm for 1 hour on the hour, we take 12 individuals down range in our Tactical Bay, to run the scheduled course of fire.

Shotgun I

Introductory class focused on adjusting your shotgun for home defence and building a foundation for proper weapon manipulations. 

Carbine II

Building off intro. to Defensive Carbine, Defensive Carbine 2 teaches you to keep the weapon up and running by correcting malfunctions under stress.  

Carbine I

Introductory class focusing on setting up your Carbine for use and building a foundation for basic weapon manipulations.

Low Light No Light

This Class gives you a relaistic perspective on how to operate in the pitch black, working with your flashlight behind cover and oridentifying threats 

Stress Shooting

Raising your heart rate and give you that dose of adrenaline before shooting is the objective behind this class. How will you handle it?

Barricades & Alt Positions

Moving behind cover and changing you body position to be effctive when engaging a threat is key in this course of fire class

Moving While Shooting

Forward, backwards, and side to side as you draw from the holster shooting and engage targets.

Defensive Sprays

You will learn the differences, pros and cons between the vast selections of defensive sprays. Our Coaches will then show you how to actually deploy the sprays in an effective manner.

IMPACT Weapons

Each of us can only generate a certain amount of force. From flashlights,tactical pens, kubotans, ASP expandable batons to glass bottlesand bricks.

Concealed Carry Lessons

These Private Lessons were designed to safely teach you how to carry, conceal, and efficiently deploy your firearm.  These lessons are hands on skill building lessons with our Coaches.  Call to schedule an apt. 

CQE - Contact Drills

Contact Drills, also known as Close Quarter Engagements (CQE), are rarely taught and practiced. Not anymore!  Contact us at (267) 387-6357 to schedule your private lesson.

Full Auto?

Just another day at the office...with a Gatling gun! See what it does to FBI ballistic gel and a Rubber Dummy.​

Weapons Entanglement

Oct. 7th, this 4 hour course covers when and how to deploy a weapon while already physically engaged with the attacker. Focus is the deployment of handguns and edged weapons from standing clinch positions...

Full Auto

Just another day at the office...with a full auto M4!  When the boss showed up at work, he asked my why I was not working.  I told him I didn't see you coming.

Sensory Overload 2

Back by popular demand, the "Sensory Overload Challenge" this Sat. 9/9 & Sun 9/10. We changed the scoring, the rules and added a pairs and couples challenge so you can compete as a team.

Rental Challenge

Take the RENTAL CHALLENGE 9/1, 9/2, 9/3.  Choose from the largest selection of modern personal protection firearms in the region, Including the NEW Glock 19 Gen5. Watch the video for details.

Selecting Ammunition

Many ballistic test have been performed over the years. Most containing some type of bias in one form or another. Schedule a lesson with GTC to go over the many variables that affect terminal ballistics. 

Selecting Ammunition

Many ballistic test have been performed over the years. Most containing some type of bias in one form or another. Schedule a lesson with GTC to go over the many variables that affect terminal ballistics. 

Sensory Overload

Bring your friends and have them record your runs or let our Coaches record it for you. No matter what your skill level, no matter how serious or light hearted you take it, you will enjoy every second.

Tactical Bay Test

Designed to offer the shooter the most dynamic and realistic training experience available.  Mon to Friday from 6 pm to 10 pm, Gold Members move forward of the firing line with our Coaches . . . Continue ​​

Heavy Bay Test

Primarily used for larger calibers from pistols, carbines, rifles and shotguns.  Full-Auto, Rapid Fire, Drawing from the holster, transitioning to and from primary and secondary weapons are . . . Continue

Home Invasion

How realistic is your firearms training? Think you're prepared to defend your home from a violent criminal? Do you want to live in denial or do you want to find out? GTC has the ability to provide the answers.

Parking Lot Attack

If you knew you had to fight for the life of a loved one tomorrow, how would you train today?​  With our Simulators, Combative Center, Shoothouses, Equipment and Coaches, you can now find out.

Workplace Violence

What will you do in the moment of violence? Some believe they will rise to the occasion. Some believe they will revert back to their training.   GTC has the ability to test or train you so you can find out.

Jogger Attacked

When evil comes looking for you, what will you do?  Will you flee or will you fight.  We all believe we will fight but if we don't practice it, how will one know?