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A New Experience with our Multiple Bay Configuration,
22 Lanes divided into 4 Bays. . .
We understand shooters have different needs so we designed our multiple bay system to allow you to enjoy yourself without sacrificing the enjoyment of others. Whether you are a parent planning on spending some time with the family, an enthusiast looking for entertainment, a target shooter looking to improve, a self-defense shooter seeking knowledge or Law Enforcement or Military Professional honing your skills,  we are creating the environment to allow you to achieve your goals.  Each bay is independent of the other and is fully soundproofed and climate controlled.  Shooters can request lanes and are grouped in bays based on their needs so you won't find yourself stuck next to THAT GUY with the CANNON (unless you actually want to).  After you check out the impressive bay layouts below, scroll down to see the equipment we have selected to be installed in each lane.

Heavy Bay

Tactical Bay

6 Lanes - 25 Yards

This bay was designed to offer the shooter the most dynamic and realistic training experience available.  IDPA tournaments, shooting while moving, moving targets, running man targets, multiple targets, barricades, pivots and turns, alternate positions, cardio equipment, low/no light engagements and yes, the ability to shoot steel targets to include plate racks and dueling trees. 

The center 4 lanes are 4 feet wide and the outer 2 lanes are a spacious 5 feet wide.  Warning: This is where you can do the things the other ranges tell you that you cant, to include have a boat load of fun.  Under the watch full eye of Veteran Coaches and Instructors.​
  • Static Shooting at firing line from:        
             9:00 am to 5:45 pm @ M - F and                          9:00 am to 12:45pm @ Sat - Sun
  • Dynamic Shooting forward of  the  firing  line from:                                                       6:00 pm to 7:00 pm @ M-F Grp 1   
              7:00 pm to 8:00 pm @ M-F Grp 2
              8:00 pm to 9:00 pm @ M-F Grp 3
              9:00 pm to 10:00 pm @ M-F Grp4    
  • Tactical Bay Closed to Group Lessons:
              1:00 pm to 10:00 pm @ Sat    
              1:00 pm to 5:00 pm @ Sun
  • Use of Gym Equipment in Tac Bay
  • Use of Heavy Bags & Bob Targets in Tac Bay

Quiet Bay

6 Lanes - 15 Yards

This bay offers the shooter the quietest and most relaxing experience available.  These lanes are used for new shooters and lower noise producing firearms. The booths are equipped with brass deflectors to stop your neighbors brass from hitting you.   

The center four lanes are 4 feet wide and the outer 2 lanes are a spacious 5 feet wide. If you're looking to have some fun with the family or just a relaxing time at the range, reserve or request these lanes.  Only members can reserve lanes.
  • Dedicated to a Relaxing and Quiet Experience
  • Family Fun Experience
  • New Shooter Experience
  • 9mm or below - No heavy calibers
  • No Rapid Fire
  • No Draw from Holster ​​
6 Lanes - 25 Yards

This bay was designed to offer the shooter the most exciting experience available.  These lanes are primarily used for larger calibers from pistols, carbines, rifles and shotguns.  Full-Auto, Rapid Fire, Drawing from the holster, transitioning to and from primary and secondary weapons are encouraged.  Range safety officers maintain the safety with their presence, proper attitude and experience.   

The center 4 lanes are 4 feet wide and the outer 2 lanes are a spacious 5 feet wide. If you're looking to pack some heavy firepower, reserve or request these lanes.  Only members can reserve lanes and draw from holster.
  • Dedicated to Exciting Experience
  • Rapid Fire
  • Full Auto
  • Draw from Holster/Concealment Allowed
  • Weapon Transitions
  • Pivots/Turns
  • Baricades
  • Multiple/Dynamic Targets​​

Private VIP Bay

Bay & Lane Selection

Lane Reservations

Available to all Customers

You can select your lanes and bays based on your needs.  With our multiple bay layout, our range can provide you with the environment you want without disturbing the other customers with different needs.  You wont get stuck next to that guy anymore.  All of our customers receive this service.  Members requests are filled first followed by non-members based on priority levels.  Each membership dictates the priority levels.​
4 Lanes - 15 Yards

This bay is being designed to offer the shooter a private shooting experience.  These lanes will be reserved for VIP members only.  VIP memberships include access to the VIP lounge, long and short term storage, valet service and dedicated VIP parking.  To gain access to these services check out our TITAN, FOUNDING and VIP memberships.  Each lane is a spacious 5 feet wide.​
Members Only

No more waiting in line. Members may reserve lanes in advance, non-members can only request lanes upon arrival. The membership you select dictates the number of included weekly reservations and the time frame in advance that you can reserve the lane.  All Members can reserve lanes a month in advance for their Birthdays.  Couples and Family members can reserve lanes a month in advance for their anniversary.​

Range Safety Officers

Draw & Rapid Fire

Digital Recording

Dedicated with the right attitude

Trained and Certified Range Safety Officers (RSOs) with the right attitude will escort you to your lane and physically show you how to use our facility.  Their purpose is to maintain a safe environment and remain as intrusive as possible.  If you need help, they will assist you.  If you don't need help, they will assure the individual next to you stays safe for you.  These are not the annoying safety officers you are used to.  Again your satisfaction is paramount.
Allowed and Encouraged 

Not only do we allow it, we encourage it.  With our Multiple Bay Configuration and the ability to choose your lane and bay,  you can be placed in the proper Bay for rapid fire and drawing.  For those of us who carry daily, getting the firearm into the fight is the most important skill, and yet most ranges deny you the ability to properly train.  If you don't want to be near someone while they are rapid firing and drawing, you can be placed in the Quit bay where it is not allowed.
Available to all Customers

Whether you want to record for fun or for self improvement, we invite you to record with your equipment or with ours.  We can provide you copies from our security monitors  or you can rent our digital cameras from tripod mounted, hand held, go-pro's, and/or safety glasses with built in cameras. Unlike our competitors, we actually want you to have fun and record your sessions.
Watch the video below to see why we choose Action Target 
to build the most advanced range in the region. 
Action Target is the Global Leader in Shooting Ranges, Development, Equipment, and Services.  Starting with their in-house range design & drafting to their engineering ASTM UL industry standards to their manufacturing facility to their professional installation, range maintenance & service programs, they are creating our State of the Art Facility so we can provide our customers and families with the highest quality, safest environment available on the market.  Don't take our word for it, do your own research and see how many ranges they have completed for the Military, Law Enforcement, and Civilian Companies.

Watch the video to see why we choose Action Target to build the most advanced range in the area. 
Each of our 22 lanes has the following equipment
designed and installed by Action Target
Clear Ballistic Stalls
All Lanes have Clear Ballistic Rated Stalls to provide you with the safest environment available.  This open view design allows our safety officers to better assist you when required.  If you require privacy, you can roll down the privacy cover to block the view.  For the advanced shooters, you will now be able to react to your friends during quick draw competitions.  
Wide Stall Tables with Shelves
To complement our open view design we have designed all lanes against the walls to be 5 feet wide and all center lanes to be 4 feet wide.  The tables are covered in non-slip rubber and have shelves attached underneath.  These shelves keep your equipment organized and remove the need to leave equipment on the floor.  The tables are retractable and can be repositioned or removed to fit your needs. Tactical shooters will be able to transition from their carbine to pistol without hitting the table. 
Bright Stall Lights
In addition to the abundant light sources down and up range, and the unobstructed flow of light through the clear shooting stalls, Each shooting position will have its own 4 adjustable LED lights to fine tune your already bright environment.  Even your target retriever has a light mounted above the targets.  Dark ranges are a thing of the past.  
Target Retrievers
Every target retriever is Touch Screen controlled and programmable.  The retrievers can be controlled to go to specific distances, at varying speeds, while pivoting and turning 360, strobing lights as you try to react and beat the programs.  You will be able to shoot at the target as it races toward you.  In addition to the already bright range lights, Each retriever has its own independent light source mounted above the target. No matter where you choose to position your target, it will be brightly illuminated.  
Bullet Traps and Containment
We choose our Multiple Bay Bullet Traps based on shooter safety.   This allows Guardian to provide the shooter with the widest selection of firearms and ammunition. All of our memberships include the ability to use pistols, shotguns, carbines, and rifles.
Here at Guardian, you can rest assured that our Bullet Traps are monitored daily, maintained and cleaned by professional range maintenance personnel.
Sound Proofing
Each bay is completely soundproofed.  The walls, ceiling, and floors have been treated to reduce the sound reverberation created by the firearms.  The ceiling baffles and walls have air gaps between the soundproofing and attachment points.  By dividing the 22 lanes into 4 bays, and grouping specific firearms in each bay, we have created a much quieter environment.  Now It will be easier for your friends to hear you brag about your superior shooting skills.
Climate Control
We spared no expense to give you
a TRUE climate controlled system.
To provide you and your family with the cleanest most comfortable environment available, we choose Carey's Small Arms Range Ventilation.  Their State-of-the-art system ensures that the air inside the range remains clean and smoke-free. Each one of our four bays has its own independent, fully air-conditioned, heated and triple filtered system.   
Carey's is the only range ventilation supplier that has 24 hours, seven days a week response center that can support and troubleshoot the range ventilation system through the direct digital control system.  Their level of commitment to ensuring that our range is fully operational and functioning is extraordinary. 
Carey's has specialized their designs in the control of contaminants created by indoor ranges and are currently known as a National leader in the field.  Carey's Ventilation Systems are the best performing and most efficient systems available on the market today.  Every system they have built exceeds NIOSH, EPA, and OSHA air quality standards and maintains a 100% success rate in industrial hygiene.  They have established a benchmark of quality and excellence that NO other company can claim.

Carey's has worked with the United States Navy to develop the current range ventilation standards as described in the Unified Force Criteria. Carey’s wrote the ventilation 
standards for the GSA, edited the standards for the United States Air Force as published in the ETL, and has been a consultant for the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (Department of Homeland Security) and FBI.  
They have completed hundreds of indoor range ventilation systems at facilities that have met all of the required standards, including projects for US Navy, US Air Force, US Marshals, US Army, Police Departments, Universities, Private Ranges, Commercial Ranges and Gun Manufacturers.
Don't take our word for it, do your own research and see how many civilian, Law Enforcement and Military ranges they have created.