Indoor Shooting Range
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 Range Rules
To create a safe, entertaining and empowering experience
Open to The Public

Our lanes are first come first serve to non-members.
If you wish to reserve lanes, please see our memebership selection.

With 22 lanes available 87 hours a week, we have a fixed amount of time available per lane.  By limiting our memberships and giving members lane reservations, we can assure our members have open slots when they want them.  Non-members do not have these benefits. 
Policies & Procedures Defined
Please keep in mind, the following poicies and procedures (p&p) are in place to keep everyone safe.  Some of the p&p are listed because some people have abuse rules.  we have listed descriptions to make you aware.  If you witness anything that makes you feel uncomfortabe please come get our RSOs so we may address the situation for you.  Remember our goal is to provide shooters with an Entertaining and Empowering experience while maintaing the safest range possible. 
Identification - Only Law abiding US citizens with valid drivers licenses will be permited on the range.  Identification cards will not be accepted.
Age Requirements - Individuals 18 years or older may use long guns, Individuals 21 years or older may use handguns.  Minors under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.  If you have a friend or family member you wish to shoot with, who is under 18, their legal guardian must come in to the store, provide proper identification and sign our waivers stating they are ok with them shooting with you.  There is no minimum age requirement; however, our staff and RSOs rserve the right to determine access to our ranges based on maturity levels.  
Lane Requests and Assignments - Non-members can request lanes from the Quiet bay and Heavy bay; however Tactical and VIP lanes and bays are reserved for members and special events.  Non-member lane requests are assigned after all member reservations and requests are processed.   After you fall in love with our training facility and staff, we suggest you become a member to take full dvantage of our facility. 
Lane Reservations - We offer lane reservations to members only.  Your membership selection dictates the time frame at which you can reserve your lanes.  All members may reserve a lane a month in advance for their birthday.  Reservations will be held for 15 minutes then given to the next shooter in need.  We reserve the right to refund the unused portion of a membership if a member abuses their reservation priveleges.  
Shooters Per Lane - 2 shooters are allowed per lane.  Keeping the number of shooters down to 2, allows for a safer environment.
Hourly Fees - When you are checked in, we give you 5 minutes to go your lane and get set up.  Your hour starts after the 5 minutes.  We give you an additional 5 minutes after the hour to gather your things and check out.  After the additional 5 minutes, we start the clock again and charge for another full hour.  Your enjoyment is our main goal and we know life can play funny tricks on us all, so our staff will make judgement calls on all additional fees and limit them as much as possible.  

Warning to Abusers - Unfortunately there are individuals in this world who take advantage of others.  This will not be tolorated at our Training Facility.  Our staff reserves the right to ban any customer from our premesis.  The severity of the abuse will be dealt will accourdingly.  From being banned for the day, week, month or indefenitly, to legal action and notification of the authorites, both local and federal.  Our facility is monitored and all indrescrepancies are recorded.  All parties who witnesses an event (staff-Mmembers-customers) will be engouraged to provide swarn statements, video recordings will be released, and we will use the fullest extent of law to protect our law abiding customers by providing the best overall environment possible.
  " Our staff and family of members and customers have worked too hard and waited too long for a proper training facility to let a few ignorant and/or arogant individuals ruin it "             - Owner. 
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