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How Would You Build The Facility?
Safe, Clean, Bright, Inviting, Exciting, Entertaining, Empowering . . .
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After 20+ years of asking that question and listening to the answers, it became simple. Understand the customer's wants and needs, provide a facility and services to meet those needs, and make the experience so enjoyable they won't want to leave.  That is exactly what we did.  Our $7,000,000 Training Center was designed from the ground up to provide you with the most Entertaining and Empowering experience available.  We worked with the finest names in the indoor shooting industry,  Action Target, and Carey's Small Arms Range Ventilation, to provide you with the safest environment and highest quality facility available on the market.  Don't take our word for it, do your own research and see how many civilian, Law Enforcement and Military ranges they have created.
Firearm & Equipment Sales
All Inventory in our Pro-Shop is tested and reviewed
by our Coaches & Instructors . . .
Meticulously organized, brightly lit and stocked with only the most modern personal protection firearms, ammunition and gear. All items are tested and reviewed by our coaches and instructors prior to adding to our inventory.  ​​Most items in our inventory are available for rent so you may try them prior to purchase.  
That's right, we encourage you to try our firearms and equipment so you don't have to take our word for its quality. When you purchase the new item there is no fee to try it. If you try it and do not like it, you can just pay the small rental fees. If it doesn't work, we don't stock it or sell it,  but we will review it
and post it so you won't fall prey to our those who will try to sell it.  No more disappointing purchases and hassles trying to return a piece of equipment that fails to perform as advertised.  You can even schedule a private appointment with our coaches and instructors so we may help you pick out the proper equipment. 
Designed for Low Student to Coach/Instructor Ratio  . . .
Our 2 classrooms were designed around the students learning experience. Years of teaching groups have shown us the student learns best in a low Student to Instructor ratio.  This is why our classrooms were designed for 12 students, 1 Coach, and 2 Instructors.  We could easily fit 24 students in these classrooms but choose to focus on a proper learning experience and not a head
count.  The 1st-floor Classroom is adjacent to our shooting bays and lanes.  Moving between Classroom and Range and back has never been easier.  This classroom is used for Group, Private and Semi-Private Classes and Events.  
The 2nd-floor Classroom is adjacent to our Shoot-Houses and Combatives Center.  This 
Classroom is used to prepare students for our Simulator, Shoot-Houses and  Combatives Classes.  Being a Training Facility, Guardian hosts Classes taught by our Coaches and Instructors as well as Professionals from around the country.   Only Members will receive early notification of these classes and priority seating.  See our members section for more details.
Virtual Simulator
Prepares you for the next level of realistic training,
interacting with people . . .
Violence, Car Jacking to Active Shooter scenarios in Malls, Grocery Stores, Convenience Shops, Gas Stations, Banks, ATM's, Movie Theaters, Restaurants, and custom scenarios to meet your needs.
Our Coaches guide you through these life and death scenarios by interact with you and change the outcomes based on your actions.   The more situations you encounter, the faster you will be able to process information and act accordingly when the time comes.
The Virtual Simulator is an interactive Use of Force and Firearms Marksmanship Simulation system that combines the latest technologies and tactics to defeat lethal encounters.  
In this next evolution of training, your problem solving and decision-making capabilities will be tested and refined without the fear of injury.  From the safety of our facility, you will be placed in lethal encounters from Home Invasions, Office 
You will soon find training the mind and its ability to absorb and process information is a skill of its own. See why Military and Law Enforcement personnel have relied on this type of training for years.
Members receive priority seating and reservations.  Non-Members are 1st come 1st serve.  See our members section for more details.
Combatives Center
You fight with the mind,
your arms and legs are an extension of your will . . .
See More . . .
The Combatives Center is being designed to provide a hands-on force on force training. From Open Hand techniques to Edged and Impact Weapons to Firearms.
The center is being equipped with padded floors and walls, heavy bags, striking targets, padded fighting equipment and gym equipment.  Advanced classes will include the use of training knives, Impact weapons and simunition firearms to provide the most realistic training available.
With the Combatives Center in place, you will finally be able to test your skills and find out which techniques work and which ones fail miserably.  
Ever get in a fist fight in an elevator? Ever get into a gun-fight with a knife? Ever get into a knife-fight with a gun? How about a crowbar or baseball bat vs open hands or should I say your mind?  Now you can, with equipment that lets you survive the encounter so you can learn from the experience.
Don't live in denial, there are times when you just cannot get your weapons into the fight or you do and they fail to operate.  You will have to rely on your will to end the fight.
Being a Training Facility, Guardian will host Classes taught by our Coaches and Instructors as well as Professionals from around the country.  Only Members will receive early notification of these classes and priority seating.  See our members section for more details.
Shoot House
The best training for an event, is the actual event itself . . .
The Multi-Level Sim-Round Shoot-Houses were designed to provide you with the actual environment you will be in when you choose to not be a victim.
Both Shoot-Houses are 100% Modular and are reconfigured each week to keep your training dynamic.  Each section is 4'x8' and comes in different configurations such as Walls, Doors, Windows, Crawl Spaces, Obstacles and more.
Our Coaches & Instructors configure the layouts for Homes, Offices, Stores, Gas Stations, Banks, Hotels, and more. 
Fully furnished with 2 sets of stairs, working elevator, controllable: targets, lights, sounds, and cameras.  Students and their Coaches can review their sessions in the control center using the video from the cameras in the ceiling.
Our Lessons plans were created with a Crawl, Walk, Run principal.   Students will progress from paper targets to photographic targets to mannequin targets to real people.  Advanced lessons include Force on Force training with full combative gear.  You will make contact with your adversary, how the fight ends is up to you.
We rent all necessary gear and provide Coaches and Instructors with real-world experience to guide you through.  
Finally, law-abiding citizens get the opportunity to train the way Law Enforcement and Military personnel have been for years.  You will learn more here in 30 minutes than years of training on the range.  The best training for an event is the actual event itself.
Members can have custom layouts designed for their own personal environments.  After Members have been cleared, they have access to the Shoot-House. 
VIP Ranges & Lounge
For the Invididuals who seek a more private environment . . .
The VIP Service is being designed to offer an environment for those who seek a more private setting with like-minded people.  The Private VIP Bay includes 4 spacious lanes dedicated to only VIP members.  Lane reservations will ensure you never have to wait for a lane again. 
After your shooting session, you can retire to the Private VIP Lounge and discuss the finer points of your training experiences with family and friends or other like-minded individuals.  You can even have your shooting session recorded and review it on the large screen TV while relaxing in our Luxurious Leather Chairs.  
VIP members will also enjoy the Private Kitchen, Short Term Storage area with personal lockers and Reserved VIP parking.
This dedicated parking and drop off area is conveniently located next to the entrance.
For those who require Long Term Storage, we offer an Equipment Valet Service to assist you in retrieving your equipment from your locker or car to your reserved lane and back again. This service includes configuring your shooting stall with your requested equipment, ammunition and targets.  Upon completion of your training, we will clean your shooting stall and restock your locker with the requested items.
By joining our one of our three VIP memberships, you gain access to all of our shooting Bays and Lanes PLUS the VIP Bay, Lounge and Parking.   The Platinum membership is our standard VIP membership. 
The Founding Membership is limited to 100 individuals and includes the benefits of the Platinum membership PLUS your name will be engraved on a plaque and mounted on the wall for all to see.  These plaques will forever remain visible to remind all that pass through our doors as the original 100.
The TITAN Membership entitles you to name one entity of the Training Facility of your choice.  Such as Bay 1, 2, 3 or 4, Classroom 1 or 2, Shoot-House 1 or 2, Combatives Center, and Simulator. You will be given a private space on the wall to place your Picture, Name, and Bio or Company Name and Advertising.  The Facility Entity will forever be named after you and all shooters will know you made their experience possible. This is a Life Time membership.  See the Members section for full details.
Conference Center
For your business events  . . .
Our Conference center is adjustable to three sizes, 20' x 26' for 520 sf, 20' x 32' for 640 sf, or we can combine both rooms for 1,160 sf.  The Conference center is modular and can be adjusted for small to large tables with secondary tables for equipment or catered food if required.  
The center is equipped with large screen TV, Projector and Screen, Audio and Video links, Phone Lines, Internet Access, Printers and office supplies.  Addition equipment can be requested in advance or you can bring your own.
After your meeting, you and your group can take advantage of our Training Facility or we can create custom themed scenarios to complement your business meetings.
Our Coaches, Instructors, Range Safety Officers and support staff will create your group an experience they will never forget. For example, Guardian staff will reconfigure our Shoot-Houses to resemble your office. We can set up workplace violence scenarios or you can break your group into teams so they can work together in team building exercises.
If you're feeling bold and want to reward your staff.  The CEO can be taken hostage in the office and your group as a team or 1 by 1 can take turns trying to save (or shoot) the CEO.  If your feeling sadistic, we can even set up a free for all, with every man and woman for themselves.
Guardian can record your experience from our security cameras, handheld, and go-pros attached to your staff or ours.  You can give your team a whole new perspective on group involvement.
See our members section for more details on Corporate Membership.
Banquette Hall
For your private parties and events . . .
Our Banquette Hall is adjustable to three sizes, 20' x 26' for 520 sf, 20' x 32' for 640 sf, or we can combine both rooms for 1,160 sf.  The Hall is modular and can be configured for small to large tables with secondary tables for equipment or catered food if required.   
The Hall can be equipped with Large Screen TV's, Entertainment System, Projector and Screen, Audio and Video links, Internet Access, Music Equipment and more.  Addition equipment can be requested in advance or you can bring your own.
The Hall can be elegantly set for Wedding and Anniversary Parties or toned down for special parties such as Birthday and Holiday Parties, Sports Events, Card Games or even Bachelor and Bachelorette parties, and more.
You and your group can take advantage of our Training Facility or we can create custom themed scenarios to complement your special event.  You would be surprised at how imaginative our Staff is.
Imagine the Wedding party where the Bride and Brides Maids go on the hunt for the Groom and Groomsmen with sim-munitions.

Or where the Birthday Guy or Girl have to search the Shoot-House for their presents, which are defended by the guests and their sim-munitions.
We can even dress your party in Zombie outfits with makeup and you can take turn repelling the Zombie Hoard in our Shoot-Houses.  Your group can even watch the latest episode of your favorite Zombie show and recreate it with your friends.
Members receive discounts on reservations and themed packages and equipment.  See our members section for more details.
Indoor Shooting Range