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Practical Hands-On Training That You Can Apply Now and Count On
From Young to Old, New to Advanced, Untrained to Trained

The Combatives Center was designed to provide hands on force on force training. From Open Hand techniques to Impact Weapons and Edged to Firearms.  With the Combatives Center in place, you are finally be able to test your skills and find out which techniques work and which ones fail miserably.  Ever get in a fist fight in an elevator? Ever get into a gun-fight with a knife? Ever get into a knife-fight with a gun? How about a crow bar or baseball bat vs open hands or should I say your mind?  Now you can, with equipment that lets you survive the encounter so you can learn from the experience.  Advanced classes include the use of training knifes, Impact weapons and Sim and UTM Round firearms to provide the most realistic training available.  Don't live in denial, there are times when you just cannot get your physical weapons into the fight or you do and they fail to operate.  You will have to rely on your will to end the fight.  Members receive early notification of these classes and priority seating.  See the members section for more details.  Explore below to see why "SHOW ME" is the most powerful statement you can make. 

Private Lessons

Private & Semi-Private lessons are held by appointment only Mon to Friday from 9am to 10pm, Saturday 9am to 10pm and Sundays 9am to 6pm.  C ost is $75 per hr.  Call us to schedule your training.

Group Classes


​Group Lessons are held every Monday through Thursday night from 7pm to 9pm.  You are welcome to visit our group lessons to see how they are run.  Cost is $100 per month and includes access to all four nights.  
Seminars are generally held on the weekends.  Check the events section for upcoming seminar dates and prices.
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Specialized Lessons Tailor Made To Your Needs

Initial / Eval Lesson

This is where our Coaches get to know you.  We ask questions and actively listen to your answers to tailor make your lessons.  From young to old, new to advanced, untrained to trained, our custom lesson plans are based around your needs. 

  • Current experience
  • Goals
  • Time Line
  • Limitations

The Basics

The simple done right has no counter. You will learn the fundamentals to properly attack and defend against larger attackers.  Topics covered include:

  • Effectively striking with your hands, fists and elbows
  • Effectively striking with your Feet, Knees and Shins.
  • Defending against upper body and lower body attacks


This is where we develop your body and mind into a weapon.  Depending on your needs, we work on Heavy Bags, Striking Pads and Focus Mitts.  Lessons learned here develop Speed, Strength, Endurance and the Mind.

  • Speed
  • Strength
  • Endourance
  • Timing
  • Distance

Practical Application

Violent Encounter Analysis

Force On Force

Now that you have developed your weapons, our Coaches and Instructors will teach you how to apply your skills in real world scenarios.  You will develop an enhanced awareness of your surroundings.  How to read your adversaries body language, cultivate your timing, control your speed and strength and judge your distance.

  • Awareness
  • Mental Preparation - Mind Controls the Body
  • Understanding Fear and how to use it
  • Confront and Control the situation

This is where we put it together to find what is working for you and what what is not.  The best training for and event is the actual event itself.  Using our full body combatives gear, you will learn what true violence is about and how to overcome it to win lethal encounters.  

The ability to stand your ground and deal with the situation is paramount.  With our equipment and Coaches by your side, you can finaly say "I Knew This Would Happen and I know What To Do" 
We bring the street to you.​​  Your Instructor will show you actual violent attacks caught on security cameras, Police Cameras and cellphones.  We will review the fights and break them down to show you the tactics evil people use.  Topics include:

  • Awareness
  • Mental Preparation
  • Mind Controls the Body
  • Understanding Fear and how to use it effectively
  • Fight or Flight Response
  • Aftermath

EDGED Weapons

 Defensive SPRAYS

IMPACT Weapons

Defensive Sprays are an often overlooked defensive delivery system.  Your Guardian Coach and Instructors will teach you the differences between the vast selections and show you the pros and cons to each. We will cover carry methods, deployment methods, Tactics and Skills needed to effectively deploy against your attacker. 

Using our actual training sprays, we can teach you how to deploy real spay on an attacker.  Dont live in denial, these tools are just a layer in your personal protection and should not be used alone.

Each of us can only generate a certain amount of force. With weapons, a smaller defender can generate more force and overcome a larger attacker.  From flashlights, tactical pens, ASP Batons to glass bottles and bricks.  Our Coaches and Instructors will show you how to use these items effectively against your attacker.​
Ever hear "Dont bring a knife to  gunfight" This is usually said by someone who has neer seen a knife fight up close. We will show you videos of real knife fights so you will never under estimate the efectiveness of an edged weapon again.  Lessons include hands on Training:

  • Understanding Knife Options
  • Selection - Fixed vs Folding
  • Carrry Locations
  • Deployment from Concealment
  • Offensive and Defensive Attacks 

FIREARMS Contact Drills

FIREARMS Contact Drills

FIREARMS Contact Drills

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Every Monday Through Thursday 7pm to 9pm

The Basics



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