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Only Criminal Should Live In Fear . . .

Our Vision is to provide a Personal Protection Training Facility to Individuals who no longer wish to be victims in todays society.  

My story is a common one, not the worst, not the best, but it shaped who I have become today.  As a child I was week, akward and failed to understand social behavior. This lead to the wolves smelling blood and I never stood a chance.  I didnt not develop the skill needed to protect myself, mentally or physically.  I was embarased to ask for help.  Then when things really got bad, I forced myself to ask for help but none was proided.  I had to relly on myself to figure it our.  I tried to talk, I tried to understand them, all failed.  After being forced into a gym cage, and forced to fight others, after being beaten publicaly, i ran and ran and ran, but I couldnt run forever. It wasnt until after a pack of wolves show up at my home and attack me unconsious, I finally realized what I had to do.

I had to stand up for my self, no one else was looking out for me but I didnt know how.  I had been beaten, humiliated, and wasnt going take it any more.  I started carring wepons in the hope of defending myself.  1st was a knife, but i coulnd find the courage to use it.  Then I figured it out, a weapon in my hand unsean would do.

This was all before the vast flow of information on the internet.  and the flood of good teachers coming out of the military.

As soon as I had a means of transportation and the funds I seeked out Karate lessons.  At first this built some confidence but then was crushed by another failed street fight.  I  was betrayed again by another provider of knowledge who only wanted my money.  I seeked out another instructor with the same results.  This was demotivating and I shifted back to weapons.  

When I turned 21, the pistol became the answer, or so I thought.  This did nothing for the less than lethal encounters I again fell victim to.  It became obvious if you carried a weapon but couldnt get it out, it was useless.  No one would teach the necessary skills that I required.  I soon accepted the fact that there was nothing I could do to stop becoming a victim and started living in denial.  I developed a hatred for bullies and anyone who resembled one.  From co-workrs, to friends, to everone on the street to everyone in genegal.  When 9-11 happened I turned my hate toward terrorists. 

At a ripe old age of 34 I gave my 2 weeks and joined the Army NG.  Went to basic with the hopes a true warrior would show me how to defend my self and my nation.  What I got was the Mindset and Training to violently end the existence of a truely evil adversary.     when I returned from overseas, I had to make a living and decided to teach people how to defend themselves.  At first I went to work at a local shooting range with the hopes of doing so.  Soon I learned the owner only cared about making money and making people miserable.